Still-Life Solution!

I teach 1-5 grades and only see my students once a week.  I love to set up still lifes for the students to draw because I feel that drawing from life is SO important!  I've often set my still life up on the side of my room so that I could leave it up for a couple of weeks to give the students time to finish.  One drawback to this setup is that the students are cramped and it's hard for everyone to be able to see (not to mention...things get moved!).

I think I've finally come up with my solution.  This year, I have all of my 5th grade classes back-to-back, so this worked great. I set up a large still-life in the middle of the room so that students could view it from all around and the kids were able to spread out more.  Because I obviously can't leave it up all day (or until next week) I took pictures from all sides and printed them out for students to use as reference next week to finish their drawings.


  1. I just came across your blog, and I also like to set up still lifes, and have one currently in my room. My solution is to put it on a rolling cart (an old overhead projector cart or something like that) that we can "drive" into the center of the room and "park" it out of the way for classes not using it.

  2. Hey there! Just saw your blog. I'm a way OCD art teacher when it comes to organization of my classroom!!! :) Fun idea for a blog.

  3. Great blog! I like your ideas :)


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