Thursday, March 25, 2010

Save the Glaze!

After feeling like I've wasted half-jars of glaze just on the paint brush handles alone (not to mention the jars getting knocked over by little hands), I had to come up with a solution!

I started pouring small amounts into paper/styrofoam cups and putting a brush into each one.  This technique works wonders for me!  Some of the benefits are:
  • The glaze isn't wasted on the brush handle.
  • If the cup tips over, not much is wasted.
  • The cups are non-stick which makes it easy to pour back into the jars.
  • The students don't have to wash brushes in between which helps the glaze and is time efficient.
  • Many students can use the same color at one time.
The other thing that you may notice about my set-up is that I place the cups on colored construction paper so that the students know what color the glaze will eventually turn out.  I also have placed a small ceramic token that has been glazed with that color so they can see the true color.

Hope this helps! :)

Organized Chaos in the Art Room

I find myself constantly working on ways to organize my art room so that life is easier for myself and my students.  I sometimes feel like my experience as an art teacher is preparing me to become an industrial engineer.  My hope for this blog is that other art teachers may find some of my techniques useful.  As a lifelong learner, I would also love to hear other peoples ideas on what works for them.

Many art teachers are faced with the dilemma of teaching different grade levels back-to-back. Just organizing supplies for the day can consume your entire planning period. (That, of course, coupled with the extra responsibilities of being an art teacher.  You know, "can you make this poster really quickly", "you have such better handwriting than I do, would you mind...", --you get the idea.

SO...for what it's worth, you'll soon know what works for me! :)